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2019-11-15 05:05

At once classically familiar and eerily chimerical, Julie Blackmons work draws the viewer into the everyday world of a typical suburban family with skillful metaphor and touching sincerity. Her recognition of Jan Steen as a major influence makes sense immediately in the crisp perspective of works like Concert, the painterly effect of Queen even the proverbial subject matter and subtleJulie Blackmon (@julieblackmon) Stapico (Webstagram). , . ! julie blackmon instagram

From Houston Center for Photography: Live Benefit Auction 2019, Julie Blackmon, Dress Rehearsal (2013Printed 2018), Archival Print, 44 39 in

Inspired by 17thcentury Dutch and Flemish paintings of domestic life, Julie Blackmon photographs carefully orchestrated tableaus that feature members of her own family and are imbued with a sense of the uncanny. Blackmons Domestic Vacations series (2008), for example, shows a world saturated with color, Read more 23 Likes, 3 Comments Julie Blackmon (@blackmon6328) on Instagram: I have always ran ton of 5K or 5 mile and I finally had enough courage to run my first 10k roadjulie blackmon instagram

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