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2020-01-20 17:01

Nov 01, 2011 If you don't have a Gmail account, load the shared items feed in Reader, rightclick Your shared items and copy the URL. You can now use Google Reader's search box to find a post you've shared. Click the All items dropdown next to the search box, scroll down to the end of the list (or just press End ) and you'll find the shared items feed.Sep 22, 2008 Google Reader provides all kinds of nice feeds from your folders (tags) and your shared items. Most of 'em can be managed by any feed reader, including Yahoo Pipes. Except for the Shared Items Feed. That one requires a cookie corresponding to a Google Gmail account. google reader shared items feed

As much as I love sharing items in Google Reader (my shared items), theres one maddening problem with this feature: you cant share what youre not subscribed to! Actually you can, but its a very tedious process that not many people will put forth the effort to do. I

Nov 03, 2009  Sharing in Blogger. To add share items: 1. Go to your blogger admin console and select Layout. 2. Click on Add a Gadget 3. Select Feed widget and add it 4. Paste the URL for your Shared Google Reader items And thats it! ! you can see the shared items on your blogspot blog. How do I share all my RSS feeds in Google Reader? Update Cancel. a d b y W i k i b u y. The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a better price. This tool looks for lower prices at other stores while you shop on Amazon and tells you where to buy. How can you include your notes in your Google Reader shared items RSS feed?google reader shared items feed Google Reader was an RSSAtom feed aggregator operated by Google. It was created in early 2005 by Google engineer Chris Wetherell and launched on October 7, 2005, through Google Labs. Google Reader grew in popularity to support a number of programs which used it as a platform for serving news and information to people.

Easily share starred items in Google Reader with this simple howto from TechRecipes: From Google Reader, click the Settings Link in the upper right hand corner. Click the Tags tab. google reader shared items feed My shared items feed was private, and I want to make it public, so I decided to remove all it contains. How can I do this? How do I remove all shared items from Google Reader? [closed Ask Question 4. 1. My shared items feed was private, and I want to make it public, so I decided to remove all it contains. Google offers the shared items as an ATOM feed which makes scripting them fairly easy. You can find your shared items feed by logging into Google Reader, clicking shared items in the topleft menu, click at this webpage in the shared items note, and then you'll find the URL at the atom feed Seems Feedburner by google which Ive been using up until now is unreliable with posting to twitter, so this is a half post on what Ive done to try getting it working, and half a post trying to test if it works with my wordpress at least. Because Google readers rss feed of shared items is formatted a little strangely I made a short php script to parse it into a nicer format. Dec 26, 2007  Google has seen a new Reader feature spectacularly blow up in their faces after users furiously complained about their privacy being violated and Reader being turned into another crappy social network. . The controversial feature allows you to see the shared feed items being looked at and stored by your fellow Gmail GTalk contacts. What is provoking the most anger is that Google

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