Google maps api v3 icon anchor

2020-01-28 04:52

Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed answers to any questions you might have Meta Discuss the workings and policies of this siteJan 29, 2019 google. maps. MarkerLabel interface These options specify the appearance of a marker label. A marker label is a single character of text which will appear inside the marker. If you are using it with a custom marker, you can reposition it with the labelOrigin property in the Icon class. google maps api v3 icon anchor

Mar 18, 2019  Try it yourself. Hover at top right of the code block to copy the code or open it in JSFiddle. Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3. 0 License, and code samples are licensed under the Apache 2. 0

Mar 18, 2019 size: new google. maps. Size(20, 32), The origin for this image is (0, 0). origin: new google. maps. Point(0, 0), The anchor for this image is the base of the flagpole at (0, 32). anchor: new google. maps. Point(0, 32); Shapes define the clickable region of the icon. Jun 17, 2010 Something you might look into is marker manager. You can specify different markers to be shown at different zoom levels and you can load up arrays of markers into a single marker manager so its easy to remove and add markers to the map like you are wanting to maps api v3 icon anchor anchorPoint: The offset from the marker's position to the tip of an InfoWindow that has been opened with the marker as anchor. So, it is not ignored, there is no any infowindow.

In google map usually the center bottom of the image of the marker is the lat lng of a point that it has to mark. Imagine my marker icon is a circle, I would like the center of it google maps api v3 icon anchor Feb 15, 2019 The Maps JavaScript API v2 is no longer available. This guide is intended to help developers, who are already using the Maps JavaScript API v2, migrate their code to Maps JavaScript API v3 (see the Developers Guide and the Reference). Quite a lot has changed between v2 and v3 of the Maps JavaScript API. Feb 28, 2019 Simple icons. In the most basic case, an icon can simply indicate an image to use instead of the default Google Maps pushpin icon. To specify such an icon, set the marker's icon property to the URL of an image. The Maps JavaScript API will size the icon automatically. Google Maps Api, Custom marker anchor points. On my map, the anchor points appear to be on the bottom edge in the center of the icon. The icon is 32 x 49. The code I have included places all of my markers. I have searched for hours and cannot find any answers. The V3 api says the property is anchor. When i use that property no markers show on the map. I'm playing with the Google Maps API (v3) and I've run into an issue with marker icons. I'm trying to vary the size of my markers depending on their individual data attributes. The icons themselves are in a sprite that contains three different circular markers, each 16px by 16px.

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