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2020-01-29 02:39

Mar 13, 2019 Zapya File Transfer, Sharing. Create a group and invite others to join it, generate a personalized QR code for others to scan, or simply send files to those nearby. Share files from device to device without the use of cables and without charge. Files of any format and any size can be sent across multiple platforms.Jan 22, 2019 Zapya TV is the best and top Pakistani TV exclusive telecasting application ever which has the features get instant streams of your favorite TV channels all over Pakistan. This is the simplest way that creates the opportunity to watch live TV channels in a single method of downloading the app. You can watch all the top TV News, entertainments, sports, drama and more channels by using the zapya google play zapya

Nov 02, 2018 Find yourself bored at school or at work? Need a moment to yourself in solitude to reflect, or perhaps even doodle a few thoughts down? Or have you had a terrible day and feel like taking liberties with a photo of your boss and making himher look like the devil incarnate? Well, look no further! Zapya is here to provide you with an inbuilt Zapya app called Zoodle.

Mar 25, 2019 Zapya Go is the latest lightning fast, lightweight file sharing application brought to you by the same team who created Zapya, the hottest crossplatform file transfer application. Zapya Go has everything that you love about Zapya except in a smaller package. Not only can you share and receive files offline with Zapya Go, you can also chat offline! Now Zapya has a dedicated app for the Android platform in the form a simple and yet powerful tool known as WebShare. WebShare will allow users to access all of the contents of an Android phone from any device that can connect to the Android phone by WLAN, 4G, WiFi Hotspot or WiFi play zapya Mar 07, 2017 Join your friends in the latest actionpacked game available on Zapya! Download the Zapya Ice Hockey addon to challenge your friends to a match. Not only can you play ice hockey without leaving your chair, there is also no WiFi or mobile data needed to play it on Zapya!

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