Are internet and cable cords the same

2020-02-16 21:22

Sep 08, 2010 There are two completely different types of cables called coaxial . One is the cable that comes out of the wall into your TV or cable box and uses screwon F connectors. The other is a digital audio cable which uses RCA connectors. Within these two classes, all coaxial cables are basically the same. All are 75 ohms.[A Many people ask us about Cat 5 Cable and Cat 5e Cable, and want to know if it is the same thing as Ethernet Cable. Quite simply, the answer is yes. Invented by Engineer Robert Metcalfe, Ethernet is a physical and data link layer technology for Local Area Networks, or (LAN's). are internet and cable cords the same

Feb 20, 2014 I recently moved my computer setup to a different place in my basement. My internet modem is still located in the room upstairs and I want to move it downstairs to my new area so i can use ethernet. The modem has a coax cable going into it, providing the internet access. My new spot has a cable just like it, which I use for my HD DVR cable box.

Nov 22, 2017  Fiberoptic cords are made with flexible fibers, either glass (for transmitting data long distances) or plastic (for transmitting data locally). Unlike DSL and cable internet, its still rare to find fiber installed outside of a few select cities around the US, so if its available in your area, count yourself lucky. Cat5 cables were made to support theoretical speeds of 10Mbps and 100Mbps. You may be able to get gigabit speeds on a Cat5 cable, particularly if the cable is shorter, but it isn't always guaranteed.are internet and cable cords the same Jun 13, 2006 Answers. The Internet Cable is called a CAD 5 and is not the same as a telephone cord. If you look at the end of your telephone plug you will see 3 wires. CAD 5 has 5 wires and is bigger. One will not fit into the other port and they can't be interchanged, however, cad 5 is cheap.

Sep 22, 2012 Is a DSL line the same as ethernet connection or better is ethernet internet connection called DSL connection? This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. RouterModemInternet (DSL, dialup, Cable TV) Computer 2 Note that the lines (cables) from the two computers to are internet and cable cords the same Apr 01, 2019  angellodeco123RFAll Ethernet cables serve the same basic purpose to connect devices to networks, like the internet. Not all Ethernet cables are exactly the same, however. If youve ever found yourself in need of an Ethernet cable without any idea which one you should pick, youre not alone. May 24, 2016 The core can be copper or copper clad steel. RG59& RG6 are often used for video. Copper braid is used for cameras and composite video, while aluminum braid is used for antenna and cable tv signals. The bandwidth is different with copper versus aluminum. You can get by with one camera on aluminum, Jul 27, 2018  Because back in the bad old days, you most certainly could get a cable signal and your internet through the same coax line. (Ain't splitters wonderful. ) But when it comes to running coax from an outdoor, overtheair antenna and your cable internet into a Feb 25, 2007  are all ethernet cables the same? by Nitram80 February 22, 2007 5: 28 AM PST I want to to get an ethernet cable of about 50 ft that I will run from my gateway router to my xbox 360 so I

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