Google buzz lawsuit settlement

2019-12-13 06:27

Sep 07, 2010  Google filed an agreement on Friday to pay an 8. 5 million settlement to end a class action lawsuit over privacy issues raised by Google BuzzNov 03, 2010 Today, just as abruptly as the introduction of Google Buzz, users of the Gmail service (including Google Apps users; I got the same email 5 times) received an email from Google stating that a settlement had been made in regards to a classaction lawsuit that was brought upon Google for violations of privacy. google buzz lawsuit settlement

Sep 04, 2010  Culture Google settles Buzz lawsuit for 8. 5M. Internet privacy groups will be the beneficiary of the settlement, which came as the result of a lawsuit filed over Google's maligned Buzz

Earlier this year, Google was sued over its Google Buzz service. The Google Buzz lawsuit alleged that, among other things, with the rollout of Google Buzz, Google was in violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Part of the issue was that when Google flipped the switch on Google Buzz, they had automatically created a social network for each of their Gmail users, assigning 'followers' to Nov 03, 2010  Millions of Google Buzz users were contacted Tuesday by Google regarding a classaction lawsuit settlement stemming from an online privacy debate sparked by the search giant. The lawsuitgoogle buzz lawsuit settlement Nov 02, 2010 One of the many legal proceedings Google is involved in is drawing to an end. The company announced on Tuesday that it has been granted preliminary approval for a settlement in its Buzz lawsuit

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