Block followers from seeing likes on instagram

2020-01-21 09:15

Block Followers. If you have followers to whom you prefer to deny such indepth access and information, remove them from your followers list. To do so, tap the starlike Explore icon on the bottomleft half of the Instagram screen and type the undesired followers username in the Search box. Alternatively, tap the Profile tab on the lower right,I don't you can block people from seeing your updates. this tutorial will helpyou get Free instagram Followers and Likes in Pakistan; Time of Posting: Time is one of the most essential things block followers from seeing likes on instagram

How to keep your Instagram likes to yourself. After opening your Instagram app, go to your profile on the bottom right tab. From your profile, click the gear on the top right corner, click share settings, then click Facebook. If your account isnt linked to Facebook, your Facebook app will automatically open, asking to post on your behalf.

Removing your likes is the only real way to hide them from followers and friends: Load Instagram. Press the namecard looking profile button the bottom right Your profile will be found on this screen now, previously it was a settings and search screen. Aug 18, 2017 instagram following feed hide following activity instagram 2017 instagram instagram privacy Must Reads Quiz: If You Can Name All These People In 2 Min Or Less You've Got A 160 IQblock followers from seeing likes on instagram

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