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2020-04-05 17:42

Thus, it is in need to use a thirdparty app to repost Instagram video. For details, please refer to How to Repost VideosPhotos on Instagram. Method 2: Record YouTube Video and Save it As a Video. The most reliable way to post YouTube video on Instagram is to capture YouTube video and save it as a new video.Jun 11, 2018 How to Post Long Videos on Instagram on Android Breaking a Video into Clips Install Story Cutter for Instagram from the Play Store. Open Story Cutter. Tap Gallery. Tap the video you want to post. Select 10 sec and tap SELECT. Tap VIEW STORY on the confirmation screen. post video to instagram android

Mar 24, 2015 It took me forever to find a way to post YouTube vids on insta but now I did so I hope this helps for those that are trying to figure out the way on their android phone \m

Aug 29, 2017 How to Post YouTube Video To Instagram From iPhone and Android Android. Compared to iOS the process is a bit simple for Android. iPhone. The process is a bit lengthy and you will need to make use of a couple of websites and apps. Upload Downloaded YouTube Video to Instagram. Summary. To summarize Mar 13, 2015 I can't upload videos to instagram. I have an B1710 Acer Android tablet, version. Whenever I upload a video, it says upload failed. Only once, the first time I tried to upload an video onto instagram on my tablet, when I tried to upload a video I sent via Bluetooth from my phone, it uploaded but the video was white for quite a bit and only played the video to instagram android May 15, 2015  Keep Your Instagram Video Short! If you dont keep your Instagram video under 15 seconds, its likely the server will reject your post. Aside from the obvious, keeping your videos shorter, in this format, is a benefit as viewers are trained to be entertained or informed as quickly as possible.

Jun 15, 2017 There are five methods of sharing videos on Instagram: Record a video through Instagram and post it right away. Record a video on your mobile device and post it later. Post a prerecorded video file on Instagram. Create and post a video with Boomerang. Record a video on Instagram Stories. post video to instagram android How To Share From Facebook to Instagram This howto assumes that you have the latest version of both social platforms installed on your Android device. If you dont, please go and do that now. Jan 25, 2018  In this post, we will show you how to post Instagram Stories longer than 15seconds on both Android and iOS. These apps won't dramatically try to squeeze your videos To record a video, tap Video at the bottom of the screen. Tap and hold to start recording, and lift your finger to stop. You can tap and hold again to record multiple video clips and tap to switch between cameras. Keep in mind that the maximum video length is 60 seconds.

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